Meet VeltOS

A user-designed operating system for your laptop or PC.


VeltOS runs our very own Graphene Desktop, a simple interface designed to stay out of the way while still giving you quick access to all your applications and settings. Graphene is based on Google’s material design standards, and uses the Paper theme designed by Sam Hewitt.

VeltOS does not come with bloatware—only what you need. If there is anything we forgot, chances are one of the thousands of applications available for Arch Linux will suit your needs.

Built by You

VeltOS is 100% community designed. Every feature, from the user interface to the programs it comes with, is voted on by the community of VOS users via the voting platform. If you would like to change a feature, simply set up a poll. If enough users agree with you, the feature will be added in the next release.

Uses Arch Linux

VeltOS is based on Arch Linux, which provides a solid base for us to work with, while still allowing for expansion. Arch is fast, stable, and secure—allowing you to have a great experience even on older computers.


And did we mention? It's free. Forever.

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