March 22, 2016


UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL: March 21st, 2016

Stefan Kwiecinski

Velt Technologies Co.

Technical Preview Two of VeltOS Released

Brings new desktop environment, Graphene

Richmond, KY: In the second release of the voting driven development of VeltOS, a number of new features are brought to the table. Most prominently being the built from scratch desktop environment “Graphene” featuring material design concepts and theming from Sam Hewitt’s “Paper” themes.

On the reasoning for not simply customizing an existing DE, Stefan Kwiecinski, Co-founder at Velt Technologies stated, “While many excellent desktop environments exist as is, the best way to adhere to our strict, Pure FOSS standards is to construct our very own reality of user voted ideas.”

While not ready for installation and daily use, Technical Preview Two is ready to receive the voting input of the community for future releases to come.

About Velt Technologies

Velt Technologies is the first organization to pioneer the concepts of “Pure FOSS” software development. Where every and all features of the software are first campaigned for and voted on by the users before implementation. You can learn more about Velt Technologies and Pure FOSS development at