September 12, 2015


UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL: September 25th, 2015

Stefan Kwiecinski

Velt Technologies Co.

Velt Technologies Launches With New Approach to the Desktop OS

Velt OS ,Technical Preview One Allows Users to Decide How Their OS is Built

Richmond, KY: Today, Velt Technologies launches, with this, the company has announced their first technical preview of Velt OS (or VOS). It is to be the first desktop operating system that is completely designed by those who use it. All decisions for the development of VOS are to be decided on by the community of VOS users via an online voting platform.

VOS is to ship with a number of defining features in the first release. Including, but not limited to:

  • Built from Linux, so it is fast, stable, and secure.

  • An innovative, extremely simple to use desktop environment.

  • Wide array of application support.

  • Rolling release, allowing separate parts of the OS to be updated at different times instead of large chunks.

  • Minimal amount of default software. Merely what you need.

  • The only OS to use a voting platform for its design. Any feature above can be changed or a feature can be added if the community wishes.

  • 100% Free

On the company’s launch, Stefan Kwiecinski, Co-Founder and Head of Product Development stated, “Velt brings to the table a new way for the user of software to interact with the companies that ship it. No longer are the users to be viewed as an object to be marketed to, but as a real person with as much decision making power as an executive. We are aiming to build the worlds first truly user designed operating system.”

About Velt Technologies

Velt Technologies is a computer engineering startup located in Richmond KY, USA. Velt is focused on changing the way consumer products are designed from the inside out. Established in the late summer of 2015, Velt’s sole purpose is to implement the features that users would like in their products. Currently Velt ships their flagship OS, Velt OS, but plans to expand into other consumer products in the near future. You can learn more at