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VeltOS Telegram Supergroup

We created a Telegram Supergroup for public VeltOS discussion! You can join by downloading Telegram on your platform of choice and going to the link You can talk to the developers or other community members, as well as discuss features or issues with VeltOS.

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Technical Preview Two Is Out!

Surprise! Technical Preview Two of VeltOS is now out! You can fetch it here. The most prominent feature of this release would be the inclusion of our very own desktop environment named Graphene. It’s based off of Google’s material design standards and features some cool design aspects like Sam Hewitt’s Paper theme. While looking nice, […]

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Purely FOSS – Truly VOS!

Exciting times here! We’ve ended the last year with loads of input from our community on what Technical Preview 2 will look, act and feel like. We’ll keep you in the loop as development ensues. As you already know, VeltOS is the first of its kind, in the sense that any and all features are first […]

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Technical Preview 2 is Coming

Technical Preview 2. We’re working on it! Slowly. TP1 was the earliest of early previews. Basically just Budgie to show off the kind of look we were originally going for, and to get some opinions on where we should go. However, TP2 is where things are going to get interesting, mainly with the creation our own desktop […]

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VeltOS Preview One Released

We just released the first preview of our community driven operating system, VeltOS! Or vos if you’re lazy. As of now, VeltOS ships with a custom desktop, based on Budgie from the Solus Project, this, combined with LightDM and Numix theming makes for a pleasant computing experience. VeltOS is also shipping with some of the basic […]

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Our Story

  Velt Technologies is an experiment of sorts. An experiment delving into the question of “What if we let the users them self design their products?” Not just in the sense of open source, but in the sense that every single feature in a product is campaigned for and voted on by the community of […]

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