VeltOS Installation

Please remember to backup your system before installing VeltOS. You are installing this software at your own risk.

The usual: Install from ISO
  1. Click here to download our ISO via torrent, or here to download directly.

  2. The ISO can be booted in any of the usual ways (burn to flash drive or CD, or through virtualization software such as QEMU or VirtualBox).

  3. To install, use your favorite partitioning utility to create an installation partition and a EFI System Partition (if one does not already exist). Then, run the VeltOS Installer tool found in the applications launcher and follow its instructions. This requires an internet connection!

    Note: The installer tool only supports installing a boot loader for UEFI systems. If you have a older BIOS system, you must install a boot loader, such as GRUB, manually.
Add VeltOS to an existing Arch Linux Installation

If you’re already running Arch Linux, you can install VeltOS using our installation script.

  1. Get an internet connection. Connecting to the internet on a clean Arch Linux installation can be tricky depending on your network setup. If you’re unsure, try these links for assistance with WiFi, or this link for a wired network.

  2. Download and run the installation script.

    Before running the commands below: you must have sudo permissions to install. Note that the -fO has the capital letter O, not zero. To make sure the script downloaded correctly before running it, you can verify the sha1sum matches 01d55176d1f8b3fb2bd5355af184d013a01955ed.

    Now run the following commands in any bash terminal:

    curl -fO
    chmod +x
    sudo ./

That’s it! VeltOS is installed. If you are running in an existing desktop environment, such as the GNOME Shell, you will need to logout and select “Graphene Desktop” from the login prompt’s desktop environment selection.