January 17, 2016

Purely FOSS – Truly VOS!

Exciting times here! We’ve ended the last year with loads of input from our community on what Technical Preview 2 will look, act and feel like. We’ll keep you in the loop as development ensues.

As you already know, VeltOS is the first of its kind, in the sense that any and all features are first campaigned for via our voting platform. I’ve come up with a term for that, “Pure FOSS” Consider this blog post the first definition of what Pure FOSS is.

Traditional FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) is almost always developed by a small group of developers in relation to the user base. If a non-coding user would like to make a change, they could possibly submit a suggestion to the developers, but it is up to the developers if this feature will be implemented.

Pure FOSS is Free and Open Source Software that gives each user the same amount of say in what gets developed. You could liken this to ancient Greece, where a pure democracy reigned, with everyone having equal say in what laws are passed and what laws are not. This is Pure FOSS development.

Many have criticized this system, claiming that if everyone has equal say then the unintelligent will vote on silly features. This is a valid claim. But we cannot know if Pure FOSS is a viable form of software development until somebody tries.

We are a team of enthusiasts located around the globe with a common vision to make Velt Technologies and its products the turning point in open source software. So hop on the Veltwagon and do voice your opinions, because we believe you, yes you, should have just as much say in VeltOS as we developers do.