Are you an educator? A sudent? Or just somebody who has opinions on the technology we use in schools? If so, we’d love to hear your opinions!

We are looking into development of a desktop operating system that would be used and designed by the education community themself. Before any possible development is to begin however, we’d like to hear what education community would like to see in it. Things like Infinite Campus integration, Google classroom apps and numerous other education tools could be included. Do we want it to be cloud based with students being able to see assignments and such from home as well? Or do we want it to be more central to the school, with each student having an account on the school’s network. All of these ideas and many more are up for grabs when it comes to what VeltOS for students could entail.

Simply fill out the form below to voice your ideas. We’d like to hear anything, including your gripes and praises of your current system

This form isn’t to add you to any mailing list or ad campaign. The only emails you will be getting from us is a potential (human) response asking for more details/collaboration on your idea along with a final announcement for the first release of VeltOS for students and it’s addition to the voting platform.

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