January 9, 2016

Technical Preview 2 is Coming

Technical Preview 2. We’re working on it! Slowly.

TP1 was the earliest of early previews. Basically just Budgie to show off the kind of look we were originally going for, and to get some opinions on where we should go. However, TP2 is where things are going to get interesting, mainly with the creation our own desktop environment (DE) and addition of other community-requested features.

Speaking of community-requested features, holy crap. We expected maybe around 5 to 10 people to even visit the community forum, but currently we have around 60 users. Plenty of great features have been suggested and campaigned for, and some people have even offered to help us create parts of the OS. That is so awesome. Thank you.

Now on to progress. I (Aidan) am currently the only programmer working on the DE, and not only do I not have a whole lot of free time to work on this, but I’ve also never done anything like this before. I’m learning how this all works as I go. Luckily, I’m pretty good at that. Even so, we’re trying to find other programmers to help, and we might have found one a few days ago (no promises though).

Despite the small programming team, we’ve made progress. That progress is mostly just on my computer right now, but I’ll be uploading the code to our Velt GitHub soon. We also have a development repo at which has some in-progress packages (not the DE yet, though). The DE right now is mostly just a not-very-functional panel/taskbar and a mutter-based window manager—nothing too exciting.

We hope to release TP2 sometime in March, but it might be later (or hopefully sooner!) depending on how things go. Thanks to everyone who has campaigned, voted, and commented on the forums, as well as everyone who is silently waiting to see what we can do.