March 22, 2016

Technical Preview Two Is Out!

Surprise! Technical Preview Two of VeltOS is now out! You can fetch it here.

The most prominent feature of this release would be the inclusion of our very own desktop environment named Graphene. It’s based off of Google’s material design standards and features some cool design aspects like Sam Hewitt’s Paper theme. While looking nice, it’s still visibly incomplete; our settings and calendar panels are still a few weeks off, but we wanted to go ahead and give you a taste of what’s to come. You might also notice that the LightDM greeter is looking a bit rough, but that’s because we are currently in the process of building our own.

Much like the first Technical Preview, we still don’t recommend physically installing VeltOS. Instead, feel free to boot the ISO using your virtual machine software of choice. For the more daring ones, you can follow our directions to build VeltOS from a Vanilla Arch installation or install the Graphene Desktop on its own.

While we are still catching up on the features voted on after the initial launch of VeltOS, we would still highly appreciate it if more people got involved in our voting platform. VeltOS is a Pure FOSS project and rests on the decisions and ideas of the community.

You can read the press release for this release here.