September 25, 2015

VeltOS Preview One Released

We just released the first preview of our community driven operating system, VeltOS! Or vos if you’re lazy.

As of now, VeltOS ships with a custom desktop, based on Budgie from the Solus Project, this, combined with LightDM and Numix theming makes for a pleasant computing experience. VeltOS is also shipping with some of the basic software every computer needs, like a web browser, video player, office suite, text editor and more.

It is currently version v0.1.0, and although it is usable, we do not recommend installing it on a physical computer yet. Instead, we recommend trying it out in a virtual machine, using software such as VirtualBox or VMWare. Once we reach v1.0, it’ll be ready for physical installation!

You can download the ISO here, and boot it though any virtualization software (we recommend VirtualBox). Detailed instructions for booting from VirtualBox, as well as installing VeltOS to a VirtualBox virtual hard drive, will be posted in the forum’s help section soon.

More customizations, modifications, and features voted on by people at our forums will be added each release, so check back soon! Or just run “pacman -Syu” periodically after installation, because Arch is awesome like that.